NewfeelLaser DJ Laser Light: RGB APP Remote Control Lasers Effects and Equipment

NewfeelLaser DJ Laser Light: RGB APP Remote Control Lasers Effects and Equipment

by Newfeel Ho on Oct 10, 2023

Are you planning a birthday party in your backyard?
Looking to make your pool area more captivating?
Are you planning a birthday party in your backyard?
Or is a school festival just around the corner?
Whether you're organizing the grandest event of your lifetime or simply seeking a special and intimate evening, there's one thing you can't afford to overlook: lighting!
Yes, those fairy lights strung on trees might seem sufficient for an ordinary gathering, but when you want to infuse more energy into your event, those lights may not quite set the right atmosphere, right?
So, if you're in search of a better, brighter, and more colorful lighting system, what you're about to see is unmatched!
Allow us to introduce the NewfeelLaser H2 Laser Lighting System, a must-have for everyone in the entertainment, theater, and nightlife industry! Whether you're just starting your career or have spent a lifetime searching for the perfect "element," your quest ends here.
The NewfeelLaser H2 DJ Laser Light comes with RGB APP remote control, allowing you to enhance the ambiance of any venue by adjusting the lighting from your smartphone or tablet. However, as a decorative artist, what you might be interested in is not just the color combinations this NewfeelLaser H2 Laser Lighting offers.
So, take a moment to appreciate everything that makes the NewfeelLaser H2 Laser Lighting System a dream come true!

Key Features

NewfeelLaser H2 Animated DJ Laser Light

The NewfeelLaser H2 Laser Lighting System is an emphatic proclamation of being "bigger, better, and clearer." Each individual lighting unit comes with 128 built-in pattern programs. This H2 APP remote control laser lighting is neither too overwhelming nor too inadequate to adapt to any type of venue.
The beams emitted from each unit are focused enough to reach the farthest corners, even in the largest halls.

Outstanding Customization

One significant reason you'll love the NewfeelLaser H2 DJ Laser Light is its complete diversity and customizability in setting up your ideal lighting system. Whatever type of lighting you desire, be it for indoor or outdoor venues, regardless of the venue's size, the NewfeelLaser H2 Laser Lighting System has you covered.
Why? It features slight surface diffusion, neither too direct nor too scattered. The beams tilt at horizontal and vertical angles of 50° and 30°, respectively. This means you can easily cover large venues with minimal equipment, without any light spilling beyond the boundaries or overwhelming any particular area. This level of customization makes the NewfeelLaser H2 ideal for illuminating any venue, any time, for any reason.

Multiple Effects

The primary reason for bringing lighting into event setups is to avoid boredom. There might be memorial celebrations or wedding parties at night. But to make any event a success, you just need to ensure that the lighting isn't a dull background that most people won't even notice.
In essence, a boring lighting system can make the entire performance fail, leading to a loss of reputation with your clients!
With the NewfeelLaser H2 DJ Laser, we've also solved this problem. Each unit of the NewfeelLaser H2 System comes with 128 built-in lighting effects that can liven up any room, hall, or stadium. You can operate these effects in four different modes:
- Sound-Activated
- Automatic
- DMX 512
This exceptional diversity of effects makes the NewfeelLaser H2 Laser Lighting System a great choice for beginners, even on a limited budget!

Compact and Portable

The lighting industry suffers from an oversupply of large, bulky, and fragile lighting systems. These may seem like they bring a significant difference to your venue, but in reality, they bring more pain than pleasure. Moreover, we've had countless lighting experts turn to us after dealing with large, inconvenient lighting equipment. We're talking about transportation issues, stage mishaps, and the worst of all, setup difficulties.
- IR diodes for infrared wavelengths, producing invisible beams.
- RGB diodes for red, green, and blue visible laser beams.
Taking all these complaints into consideration, our NewfeelLaser H2 Laser Lighting System is designed to be compact, high-performance, and usable in any environment, no matter how narrow or limited. A single unit of the 128-pattern lighting system weighs only 2.9 kg and measures 320x170x160 mm (length, width, height), yet it has the potential to deliver powerful performance at 2200mW of power.
Even a set of five can easily fit into a suitcase, so traveling or installing these lights is hassle-free. They're especially ideal for groups on the go, like a band or a circus troupe!

Safety in Use

When it comes to lighting, laser lights often give off a "bad boy" vibe, mainly because lasers are notorious for penetrating your retina and blinding your eyes. Of course, that's genuinely terrifying, but it doesn't apply to our NewfeelLaser H2 Lighting System.
In terms of design and operation, we've employed lighting enthusiasts to ensure our product doesn't harm anyone. Rest assured, the NewfeelLaser H2 Beam Lighting System complies with all safety guidelines set by the U.S. FDA.


The NewfeelLaser 2.2W H2 Beam Laser Lighting System comes in two pricing options: H2990 (2.2W) at $340 and H2990+APP Control at $370. This is to ensure that each light complements your lighting system perfectly without undue pressure on your budget.
Give it a try!
Being a newcomer in this industry can be quite nerve-wracking. Becoming a professional might be even more challenging. So, if you've tried disappointing products in the market and are genuinely looking for something worthwhile, why not give NewfeelLaser a shot?

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We hope this explanation sheds light on laser terminology, making your purchasing decisions clearer. If you need any guidance in choosing professional lasers to enhance your events, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!
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