Tested and Approved: The Top Christmas Light Projectors of 2023

Tested and Approved: The Top Christmas Light Projectors of 2023

by Newfeel Ho on Jul 12, 2023

Creating a truly magical Christmas atmosphere requires the twinkle of lights adorning every house. However, the tedious task of manually stringing lights together can be disheartening, especially when one bulb fails and threatens to bring down the rest. Luckily, there's a solution that saves you time and energy: Christmas light projectors. These technologically advanced devices offer a hassle-free setup while delivering a dazzling display. From delicate snowflakes to vibrant laser shows, these projectors bring a kaleidoscope of colors to your holiday celebrations.
After extensive testing, we have identified the following models as the best Christmas light projectors. Our evaluation focused on factors such as setup ease, operational functionality, and the quality of light display, both during the day and at night. Read on to discover the results, along with shopping guides and tips to help you find the perfect Christmas light projector for your home.
Best Value for Money: M2 Series Christmas Holiday Light Projector
Best Value for Money: M2 Series Christmas Holiday Light Projector
Best Christmas Design: F2250 3D Christmas Light Projector
Best for Large Houses: F9 Series Christmas Projector Lights
Best Indoor: F2 Party Lights Disco DJ Lights Projector
Best for Trees: HXK Series Outdoor Christmas Projector Lights
Also Consider: FA Series Christmas Lights Laser Projector
Testing Methodology: How We Determined the Best Christmas Light Projectors
To identify the Christmas light projectors worthy of our rigorous testing, we evaluated over 60 models based on brand reputation, features, quality, and customer reviews. We subjected the final selection to comprehensive real-world testing, both indoors and outdoors (for projectors rated for outdoor use), under varying ambient light conditions.
Our assessment criteria encompassed the setup process, available features, user-friendliness, and the final visual result. Additionally, we considered factors such as price, accessories, build quality, and aesthetics in our overall evaluation. All outdoor Christmas light projectors underwent testing for weather resistance. While we conducted outdoor tests, we also took into account the IP (Ingress Protection) rating to assess their ability to withstand different weather conditions.
Our Top Picks
Choosing the perfect Christmas light projector from the vast array of options can be overwhelming. We have carefully reviewed numerous makes and models, selecting those that outperform the competition in terms of performance, options, and durability.

1.LC Series Graphics-in-1 Christmas Light Projector

Innovative and powerful RGB laser projector, equipped with tablet APP control and logic system, built-in battery, can be used for 2~3 hours on a single charge (new)
Designed for portability and ease of use, this cutting-edge device lets you create mesmerizing laser shows anytime, anywhere.
Auto Shuffle Mode
No need to program the entire laser show. Customize your favorite apps, slideshows and effects and let autoplay play them seamlessly.
full color customization
Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors. LaserZQshow offers a wide range of color effects and fully customizable settings including Hue, Saturation and Gamma, allowing you to achieve any hue you want.
Product Specs
Laser power:RGB3000mw-4000mw
Laser wavelength:red 638±5nm, green 520±5nm, blue 450±5nm
Scanning system:20KPPS high speed scanning
Enjoy a true plug-and-play laser system experience.
Effortlessly perform laser mapping and mapping tasks.
Benefit from exceptional graphics rendering with minimal flickering.
Seamlessly create laser show graphics and stunning beams.
Instantly integrate digital signage without the need for laser technician experience.
Elevate the visual appeal of style shots, music videos, and various other projects.

2.M2 Series Christmas Holiday Light Projector

Full-Color Animation Home Party Flashlight
The Laser Black Cube by Newfeel Lasers is a powerful, portable, and easy-to-use laser system designed with DJs, Musicians, and Live Performers in mind.
The M2 Lasers Cube is a one-of-a-kind cross-platform laser control system that turns anyone into a laser expert! The user-friendly interface puts beams, graphs, laser maps, and summaries at your fingertips, allowing you to create spectacular laser shows in minutes
The M2 Lasers Cube is designed to show off amazing laser beam aerial effects such as - Visualizers, Beam Effects, Abstracts, Animations, Beam Shows, and more! - Full color, wall-to-wall, lightweight and portable, ready for any show or event.
Small and easy to carry
Create stunning laser shows in minutes using the autoplay mode. Experience endless creativity with built-in features like visualizers, effects, summaries, and more.
The M2 Lasers Cube is a powerful full color RGB laser projector that is portable and simple to use, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.
Product Specs
Laser pattern:15 sets of pattern library, more than 1,900 patterns
Scanning system:15kpps galvanometer
Laser color:red, green and blue
Newfeel Laser Black Cube is a powerful full color RGB laser projector.
Use the dmx Control and Logic System (NEW) - Lasercube is designed to be portable and easy to use so you can take it anywhere.
Our Laser Black Cube is designed to display incredible laser beam aerial effects such as - Visualizers, Beam Effects, Abstracts,Animations, Beam Displays, Freehand Drawings, Custom Text, Clock Displays, Games, Logos and Animation Imports and more!
Full color lightweight and compact for use in any show or gig.
Designed for DJs, musicians and live performers.
Experience endless creativity with built-in features and stunning laser shows and special laser beam effects.

3.F2250 3D Christmas Light Projector

1900 patterns, stage lights with sound sensors will alternate with the rhythm of the music, outstanding patterns, and colorful lighting fixtures effects.
Fantastic and colorful photographs adorned for indoor, outdoor, DJ, band, bar, pub, club, karaoke, party, etc.
Single-axis rotating two-dimensional double grating laser light. A fixed grating works with another rotating grating to control its rotation speed and vibration frequency back and forth.
It can make scattered dots, full sky dots, and laser line effects of different lengths. It has a variety of built-in program scenes and is equipped with IR wireless remote control. Control as much as you want. Suitable for boxes, family banquet halls, small parties, clubs, etc.
F2250 is the most classic grating model, which has experienced wind and rain with extraordinary strength.
Product Specs
Laser pattern:15 sets of pattern library
Scanning system:15kpps galvanometer
Laser power:532nm green light 80mw, 638nm red light 100mw, 150mw / 450nm
Laser Lights Effect: 3in1 beam combos (red, green, pink and green) + 7 coloration backgrounds (red, green, blue, crimson & green, pink & blue, blue & green, purple & inexperienced & blue). 15 units of the sample library, extra than 1,900 patterns, stage lights with a sound sensor that would exchange extraordinary patterns, and colorful lasers lights consequences with the rhythm of the music.

4.F9 Series Christmas Projector Lights

Newfeel F9 Series
The Newfeel F9 laser projection light is a full-color RGB laser light laser projector, designed for clients who want an economically friendly laser show system, that still has the power to produce beautiful aerial beam effects, as well as resolution laser graphics, logos, and text.
Our F9 Series lasers lights are perfect for DJs, nightclubs, concerts, and entertainment venues, where you need an impactful and easy-to-use show laser system. Newfeel F9 5W is suitable for venues/crowds of up to 3,000 people incapacity.
Full Color Laser Lights
Newfeel F9 Series laser projectors are incredibly easy to set up and use. And can easily be controlled via DMX / Artnet.
3D Dance Laser Light Show
The new F9 Series color stage laser lights Halloween projector is mainly used in bar laser light projects and 3D laser dance performances.
This 3W color laser light can be used as a 3D laser dance performance only with the PRO version of the German Fire Phoenix laser control software and a laser performance curtain.
The newly designed 360-degree drop pendant allows this laser light to be installed or hoisted anywhere and at any angle.
Product Specs
Laser power:RGB1-5W
Galvanometer scanning system:15-40KPPS
Beam divergence:max 1.3mrad
The Newfeel F9 laser lights projector is a solution with analog /TTL modulation and guaranteed output power of 1~5W, can be controlled with any dmx laser control software such as Pangolin Quickshow, Pangolin Beyond, German fire Phoenix, and other laser software and tiger, pearl, MA and other consoles, etc.
15Kpps scanning laser with various pre-programmed patterns.
Company logo, store promotion exhibition. Widely used for commercial and promotional events.

5.F2 Party Lights Disco DJ Lights Projector

Full-Color Animation Home Party Flashlight
High-speed galvanometer scanning technology;Fast response; Dynamic pattern effects;
Voice-activated self-propelled transformation
F2 series is a mini stepping motor scanning laser lights with DMX function, 1T high-speed core chip, 32 subdivision motors, and built-in 1900 geometric patterns.
Bluetooth App
lasers lights-moderate with APP Bluetooth controller F2 Series App RGB sports activities things to do pattern lasers lights-moderate with APP Bluetooth controller, extraordinary celebration, and decoration This newly designed laser garden moderate integrates a notable Bluetooth , you should play any tune you need, and these tunes undertake amazing effects with excessive-decision motion modes of purple, inexperienced and blue.
APP wireless bluetooth remote control, control as you want
Wireless remote control product operation mode, select pattern, pattern color setting, voice control sensitivity, etc. In addition to SLAVE slave mode, as long as the long control key can enter the remote control mode.
Note: normal models do not have app control.
Product Specs
Laser power:RGB300-2000mw
Scanning system:15-20KPPS
Beam divergence:max 1.3mrad
The F2-Serie DJ laser light provides entry-level computer controllable laser light show projector solutions.
Newfeel F2-Serie Christmas laser light All systems are equipped with fast 20kpps scanners.
F2 laser projector light systems come with stand-alone, sound-to-light, DMX512, and RJ45 interfaces - so they can be used in stand-alone mode as well as within an existing DMX line - and for more professional use they are equipped with an ILDA interface for computer control.

6.HXK Series Outdoor Christmas Projector Lights

Full-Color Animation Home Party Flashlight
New Design Newfeel HXK Firefly RGB all color Laser Holiday Lighting Projector outdoor, indoor lighting projects, events, parties, Halloween, Christmas Lighting show Newfeel New firefly Laser Christmas Lights, holiday lighting projector.
plug and play, instant lighting show, with firefly laser effects.
Patented product of laser combination
Continuous innovation and self-challenge are the motto of NewFeel Laser, because we know that every innovation will bring you different harvests. Only by not giving up our persistence can we see progress in every innovation.
NewFeel Laser pioneered the perfect combination of laser effect and water pattern effect, creating a new application of laser and injecting new vitality into the laser.
Product Specs
Laser power:RGB300-2000mw
Protection level:IP66
Rated power:max 30W
Newfeel HXK fireflies laser light series have an elegant new Design, Classic firefly RGB colors full-featured Laser Christmas projector with moving firefly effects, Decoration for events or landscape, increased brightness, and huge coverage.
Our HXK fireflies laser lights series with moving, firefly effects (no particular patterns), speed control options, thousands of Green, Red, and Blue Light PinPointss.
The HXK night star landscape lights series is RGB all color options, Single Green, Red, Blue displays, or combinations of two or three colors of your choice, moving, firefly effects, and speed control, also with flash or static of your choice.

8.FA Series Christmas Lights Laser Projector

Built-in Battery
Comes with a battery, no need to plug in, it can be used after turning on the switch, with a battery charging cable.
6 light modes and 33 light effects
The star projection galaxy light is based on four colors of blue, green, red and white, and uses four colors to create a scene of green stars and northern lights, achieving as many as 33 projection effects and multiple color combinations. Equipped with upgraded dual projection lens, it can expand the projection area to 300-950ft².
Upgrade Multiple Lighting Effects
LED Laser RGB par lights and DJ lights produce rgb laser lights for parties, with northern lights, dyeing, laser animation, strobe effects. Create stunning and powerful stage lighting effects for partygoers, providing a one-stop lighting solution.
Product Specs
Battery charge and discharge times:MAX 1000 times
Power/consumption:MAX 3~5W
Control mode: Remote control
【Built-in battery】Built-in battery and wireless remote control, no need to plug in, just turn on the switch to use, with battery charging cable
【Powerful Multi-effects】Upgraded Party LED+laser Lights, capable of producing 60 combinations of images, 6 color backgrounds (red, green, blue, red & green, red & blue, blue & green) and 3 beam combinations (green, red, green & red), creating a more wonderful stage atmosphere with multi-effect and high definition projection quality combination.