3D Laser Shows

3D Laser Shows

by Newfeel Ho on Sep 05, 2023

For countless years, the notion of crafting captivating three-dimensional (3D)laser lights has held a captivating allure for laser aficionados and illumination maestros alike. Frequently, clients pose inquiries about the enigmatic "3D Laser" or delve into the intricacies of conjuring "3D laser lights." Within this blog exposition, we shall delve into the authentic essence of this concept, while also delineating the multifarious techniques and apparatus indispensable for the creation of these remarkable visual spectacles.

Varieties of 3D laser light show projector

Fundamentally, any laser show directed outward to captivate an audience inherently embodies a three-dimensional (3D) aspect. The most prevalent categories of 3D laser light show projector are elucidated below.

1. **Aerial laser light show projector**

Aerial laser effects are captivating spectacles that project dazzling visuals towards the audience. These effects can take the form of overhead displays, like liquid sky effects and precisely aimed beams, or immersive audience scanning experiences. Images representing both concepts are provided below for reference.
Typically, lasers are positioned on a stage or in a designated area in front of the audience, projecting their vibrant displays outwards. It's crucial to note that when executing audience scanning laser effects, strict safety protocols must be observed, ensuring a compliant and secure performance.
*Please exercise caution when working with audience scanning laser effects and adhere to safety guidelines.*
Aerial lasers
Audience Scanning lasers

2. **3D laser show**

In this category, laser graphics come to life through meticulous programming, following a predefined camera path. The result is a captivating illusion of a three-dimensional laser show. These projections can encompass brief, compact animations or elaborate laser shows structured around a timeline. Exemplary instances of both are showcased below.

3. **Laser lights Graphics Behind a Scrim**

Often, clients express a desire to witness laser graphics, such as logos, text, or holiday-themed animations, projected onto a surface and visible from the opposite side. A visual representation of this scenario is presented below.
To achieve this effect, a common setup involves positioning one or more lasers behind a scrim and projecting the graphics onto its surface from the rear, allowing them to be seen clearly from the front. A "scrim" is essentially a mesh netted drape suspended from a ceiling. In some instances, scrims can be automated to rise or descend as needed.

4. **Laser Images Suspended in Space**

The most awe-inspiring incarnation of a "3D Laser Show" gives the illusion that the laser images are suspended in mid-air. The image below serves as a visual representation of this remarkable concept.
Please note that while these descriptions provide a comprehensive overview of various laser lights techniques, the visual impact of these laser lights is best appreciated through firsthand experience.
The fact remains that lasers always require a "medium" to traverse or a surface to project upon in order for any projected image, effect, or content to become visible. Thus, to craft a laser spectacle featuring an image that appears to "hover in space," one must project the laser graphics or content through a screen of smoke or water.
These apparatuses emit a fine mist of smoke, haze, or water, which is generally imperceptible during typical show circumstances. However, when a laser image, particularly a laser graphic, text, or animation, is projected through this medium, it creates the impression that the laser content is indeed "suspended in space." In actuality, though, the smoke, haze, or water captures the laser projection and acts as a surface for it to cling to, thus generating the illusion of an image floating in space.
As previously mentioned, lasers necessitate a medium to project through or onto for an image to become discernible. Therefore, if one attempts to project onto a cloud, there must be a substantial level of humidity and moisture in the atmosphere for any chance of the image being visible. Additionally, achieving such an effect requires an exceptionally high-powered laser lights and a rapid optical scanning system.

Recommended Equipment for Different 3D Laser Shows

Select the appropriate laser equipment based on your venue size for an optimal 3D laser show experience:
1. A3 (8 to 16 indoor 10W lasers) – Suitable for venues accommodating 200 to 500 attendees, 6 to 8 900W fog machines.
2. F4500 (8-16 30W lasers) – Ideal for venues hosting 1,000 to 3,000 people, 8-16 1500W fog machines.
3. F4700 (16~30 30W lasers) – Perfect for venues with a capacity of 3,000 to 7,000 attendees, 16~30 1500W fog machines.
3D Laser Graphic Presentations:
- Laser Cube: Excellent for small to medium-sized indoor venues.
- F8 Series: Well-suited for small to medium-sized indoor locations.
- F4700 laser lights: Designed for permanent outdoor installations and projections reaching up to 1 kilometer away.
- F5600 laser lights: Ideal for long-distance projections.
Laser lights Graphics through a Scrim:
Consider the M2 Series, which is an excellent match depending on the size of your venue.
Software Solutions:
For laser beam effects, basic text, graphics, and logos, consider using:
- QuickShow
- FB4
This option is perfect for advanced laser beam effects that require synchronization with other multimedia elements such as DMX lighting, water screens, pyrotechnics, etc. It's also the preferred choice if you aim to create dynamic and sophisticated laser graphics, text, and logo projections. For additional information about NEWFEEL lighting store, please visit the link provided.