Synchronizing Laser Light Shows with Music

Synchronizing Laser Light Shows with Music

by Newfeel Ho on Sep 12, 2023

Laser light shows have become an increasingly captivating form of entertainment. With their ability to create a stunning array of colors, shapes, and patterns, laser shows have the power to transform any event, transporting the audience to an entirely new dimension.
In the past, creating laser shows and syncing them with music was a time-consuming and highly skilled endeavor. However, thanks to the innovative features found in Laser Show Software like QuickShow and FB4, merging your favorite music with mesmerizing laser effects has become more accessible than ever before.
Let's delve deeper into the art of precisely timing your preferred music with your chosen laser show effects.

Different Music, Different Laser Shows

Laser show can be broadly categorized into two types: "live" laser shows, where the performance is synchronized with live music, and preprogrammed laser shows, where the entire show is designed in advance, often to a specific song or audio file. The type of laser show you are planning will significantly influence the method you use to sync it with music. We'll begin by explaining how to synchronize laser shows and music for live performances and then explore how to achieve this for preprogrammed shows.
QuickShow is an excellent choice for newcomers to lasers or those seeking a user-friendly interface for designing and creating laser shows. QuickShow features various tools that simplify the process of syncing laser shows with music.

Live Laser Show Requirements

When performing a live laser show, such as at a festival, it's crucial for the operator to synchronize the laser effects precisely with the DJ's music. DJs can change tracks on the fly, so having tools to maintain sync is essential.
Both QuickShow and FB4 laser show software include a custom BPM tool, allowing you to trigger effects perfectly in time with the live music's beats. This ensures your laser show stays in rhythm.
You, as the laser operator, can manually tap the beat of the music, which can be accomplished using a lighting console, MIDI console, or PC. Activating the BPM recognition feature only needs to be done once, and you can determine the beat's speed by pressing a button or key. After a few taps, the beat is displayed on the screen. This can be done in conjunction with or independently of the music type.
Another way to sync a live laser show with music is to let the software automatically recognize the music's beat as it plays. Both QuickShow and FB4 include an AutoBPM recognition tool within the laser show software, and you can choose an audio source for the software to detect the beat.
This source can be any device set as a recording source within your operating system, including the internal sound mixer, which handles all incoming audio signals. This method works best with music that has a clear, strong beat. Once activated, the beat is displayed in the software's BPM display. BPM values are updated even during beat changes.

Preprogrammed Laser Show Requirements

Preprogrammed laser shows are common at events where you know the music in advance, such as concerts, theme park attractions, or corporate events. The key advantage here is preparation time, allowing the laser show designer to program the show meticulously around the music.
Both QuickShow and BEYOND offer powerful timeline features that make this process seamless. You can import the music's audio file and visualize the waveform directly on the timeline, building your show around it.
QuickShow allows you to load one music track per show into the background, while BEYOND lets you place multiple media files on a media track, visualizing them as a waveform. In both programs, you place laser content on the timeline, whether it's beams, graphics, animations, or other elements, using convenient marker and snapping tools to ensure perfect synchronization with the music's waveform.
Additionally, QuickShow and FB4 enable you to define custom start and end markers, allowing you to loop specific parts of the music for continuous playback and precise placement of animation elements. BEYOND, as a professional laser show programming and control software, offers advanced tools like tapped-in beat markers, automatic crossover effects, and support for the SMPTE timecode protocol for large-scale multimedia shows, festivals, and events.
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