How to choose the right laser light

How to choose the right laser light

by Newfeel Ho on Mar 13, 2022

With the continuous progress of lasers lights technology, laser stage lights products are also used in a wider range of fields, such as scenic laser lights, landmark laser lights on outdoor roofs, theater laser lights in entertainment venues, bar laser lights, KTV private room laser party lights, etc. . Guangzhou New Feeling Lighting & Audio Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various lasers lights equipment. What kind of lasers lights to choose depends on your needs, where it is used, how much budget you have, and the area of the site to choose lasers lights with different functions, such as lasers lights power, laser effect, laser color, laser light control method, etc.

1. For outdoor rooftop powerful laser, landmark high power laser need to be selected.

This product is characterized by high brightness, long range, strong visual impact, rich program changes (with viewing), and laser effects can be seen in different areas of the city, so that it has advertising effects. Landmark laser light requires high power laser light, 360-degree shaking head, can scan to any position, and can scan direction ally; flexible program changes (programs can be updated), convenient and simple operation, automatic control, etc. (time switch, constant temperature control).
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2. The choice of theater laser lights and bar laser lights is extensive.

The main products with relatively high power, generally have more products above the watt level. There are high-power color animation laser lights, high-power green animation laser lights, laser platforms, laser rain products, etc. The features of this type of product are strong editability, high laser power, strong visual impact and cheerful rhythm.
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3. KTV disco lights room laser needs to choose mini laser projector laser and small laser.

The private room has a small space, and the music changes in a variety of ways, which requires a rich pattern change, and the program changes flexibly with the music. The private room laser is mainly based on the gypsophila laser. Since 2005, with the rapid development of the grating technology, the gypsophila laser has increased the variety of the gypsophila laser, and the variety of this series is dazzling. In terms of effect, it is mainly divided into firefly laser, bubble laser, small magic flower laser, pattern laser (4 patterns, 6 patterns, 8 patterns, 20 patterns, etc.), galvanometer gypsophila, three-dimensional gypsophila, Gypsophila and LED combination and so on. There are also single-color, double-color, three-color, and color according to color; some small and medium-sized laser lights such as beam-type laser lights and animation-type laser lights are also used in some private rooms. The selection of lamps and lanterns in such places is mostly linked to price. High-end places use laser gypsophila with novel effects and many patterns. Some VIP private rooms also have color laser lights, which can make laser lights with effects such as KTV-LOGO; ordinary places are affected by investment, and use gypsophila lasers with cheaper prices lamp.
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