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What is it and how do laser shows work? - NewFeel-Lasersysteme

by Newfeel Ho on Dec 06, 2022

The laser show DJ equipment system, at first glance, some people will feel a little confused, and even think that the laser show system is a complex advanced scientific and technological achievement. In fact, the laser show system is not difficult to understand. I don't know if you have noticed those cool stage effects when you watch the song and dance programs on TV shows. The lights that irradiate straight and cut the space on the stage into multiple small pieces are lasers, and the lighting effects that change all the time are the laser performance system. In recent years, laser performance systems have been recognized by many stage directors. The top three reasons why laser show systems are recognized are as follows.

1. Dynamic and cool stage effects

The laser performance system can provide a dynamic and cool stage laser light show effect for the singing and dancing stage. Many of us should have seen the stage of some idols. They danced vigorously on the stage, played hi songs, and fluttered their flying hair. They looked particularly youthful, energetic, sexy and attractive. In fact, these stage effects are inseparable from one thing - a laser performance system. The laser show system emits lasers of different colors and widths, which are illuminated from the top of the stage to the stage, or directly shot from one corner of the stage to another, presenting a colorful laser show.
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2. There are many laser light show styles

The laser light show system mainly emits various colorful lasers, so a high-quality and practical laser show system requires a variety of lasers, rather than a monotonous blue or green laser. If we find a reliable laser show system manufacturer to buy, then we can create a variety of stages. A simple calculation, even if there are only 4 colors of lights, 24 kinds of stage effects can be created by arranging and combining them. And a good laser show system does not only have 4 different lasers, they have many lasers, which can create a more exciting stage effect.
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3. High practical performance

The practical performance of the laser show system is relatively high. Not only can it be used to create cool stage effects, but it can also be used to create a sense of ambience at large-scale events. Moreover, the laser show system can be used many times, not the kind of one-time light source, which will be scrapped after one use.
With the increase in the diversity of people's entertainment activities, it has gradually become a very common thing to go to a party or a performance, so the annual party, music festival and other activities have become more and more. The application of laser performance systems has also increased. If you want to create a dynamic and cool stage, the laser performance system is an indispensable tool. At the same time, the practicality and diversity of the laser performance system have also become the reason why it is gradually recognized in the field of stage effects.
When watching the Spring Festival Gala, playing in a theme park, singing in a KTV when visiting tourist attractions, or attending the opening ceremony of a company, we are all likely to be attracted by the ever-changing and colorful laser shows. And these fantastic performances are due to the application of the laser show system, which adds countless colors to life.
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1. Stage application

In the Spring Festival Gala and other large-scale theatrical galas, in addition to the interpretation of the program by the actors, the application of the laser performance system on the stage makes the program more vivid and full of soul. The laser show system can set the scene according to the plot and content of the stage program, and paint those scenes or pictures that cannot be presented in real objects into colorful pictures with lasers, making it easier for the audience to resonate, as if they were there, so as to experience The essence of the show.
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2. Commercial applications

In addition to stage performances, laser show systems can also be seen in commercial occasions such as the opening ceremonies of some companies and the opening ceremonies of large-scale events. This is because the light source of the laser show system has a wide radiation range and fast transmission speed, which can attract customers from hundreds of thousands of kilometers around, so that more people can receive relevant information such as activities, so as to achieve the purpose of activities.

3. Outdoor application

In addition to being applied to the stage and commercial occasions, the laser performance system is also often applied to some outdoor scenic spots. This is due to the wide radiation range of the light source of the laser show system and the high brightness of the laser, so that tourists can feel the presence of light even if they are deep in the scenic spot. On the one hand, it can increase the fun of scenic spots, and on the other hand, tourists with a weak sense of direction can find their way home through the light source.
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The laser show system is currently mainly applied to the above three occasions, but with the passage of time, the laser show system will continue to be upgraded. The laser show system will be applied to more occasions, adding color to more fields and creating more value.