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by Newfeel Ho on Dec 05, 2022

Introduction to business resources | High-quality manufacturers of stage light equipment, support drop shipping, and OEM
NewFeel Laser stage light equipment adheres to the principle of mutual assistance and mutual benefit between merchants, aims to establish a communication bridge between independent station sellers and high-quality stage lighting manufacturer resources, and actively promotes exchanges and cooperation in the supply chain.
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We will conduct an on-site assessment and screening of NewFeel Laser Light stage lighting equipments manufacturers and users, and try our best to select more competitive manufacturer resources for NewFeel Laser sellers. Interested merchants are welcome to contact NewFeel Laser professional stage lighting companies!
Guangzhou NewFeel Laser stage lighting equipment is a manufacturer and user that has cooperated with distributors in many countries for more than 3 years. It has established its own overseas brand through the independent website of the mall built by NewFeel Laser, and gradually expanded from traditional wholesale business to overseas B2C business. The independent station is Guangzhou NewFeel Laser provides a high-quality platform for its products to go overseas, and it has also become an important window for its brand to go overseas.
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Why choose "NewFeel Lighting"?

As a traditional stage lighting equipment manufacturer, Guangzhou NewFeel Lighting not only has the advantage of supply cost (the average retail price of most products is 100 US dollars, and the price competitiveness has obvious advantages in the industry) but also combines the flexible advantages of the cross-border e-commerce industry to provide overseas Drop-shipping and product OEM services provide a good foundation for the supply chain cooperation of small and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce enterprises.
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Product Features

Guangzhou NewFeel stage lighting equipment has been deeply involved in the cross-border e-commerce stage lighting industry for 15 years. He has many years of industry experience and operates a number of cross-border e-commerce platforms at the same time. Including Independent Station, Alibaba, 1688, and many AliExpress gold stores.

Why should sellers choose?

First, Alibaba has been among the best in the category for three consecutive years, dedicated to R&D and innovation, and obtained the strength certification of a number of product patents.
Second, we are well aware of the pain points of cross-border trade in product packaging, logistics, transportation, customs clearance, product after-sales, etc., and form a professional drop shipping system!
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Third, open offices in the United States and France to better understand market conditions and meet the needs of local consumers.
Fourth, the domestic 1,000-square-meter warehouse has a maximum delivery volume of 500 tickets per day (an average of 10KG per ticket), and basic products can be delivered on the same day.
With years of supply chain development and support for OEM, large-scale orders can quickly respond to organize production to meet customer needs.

Product Features

Each product has poured the hard work of countless people and is committed to researching the highest quality and wonderful products. The average unit price is 100 US dollars, showing the advantages of high-cost performance. It is suitable for theater stages, bar parties, wedding scenes, and other scenes. The rotation angle, with a plug configuration that is more in line with multi-country use, all the details you can see have been done!
Why choose NewFeel Lighting, the profession is not without proof, the qualifications and certificates of various majors at home and abroad confirm the technical accumulation and achievements of NewFeel Lighting for many years.
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Enterprise advantages

7 years of deep cultivation in the stage lighting supply chain, constantly strengthening product research and development capabilities, and building the influence of the brand NewFeel Lighting
The delivery time is fast and the shopping experience for buyers is optimized. It is an intimate choice for small and medium-sized sellers and OEM sellers without supply. Real good products are discovered and recognized by more people. All NewFeel Lighting can do is select high-quality manufacturers, At the same time, it can also allow more sellers to obtain supply chain resources

Team service

NewFeel supports domestic traders, has a full set of laser light show product pictures, videos, posters, and manuals, and helps domestic and foreign traders to carry out marketing advertisements.
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NewFeel Lighting Team

Product innovation and customer first are the same concepts, establish industry benchmarks, and provide customers with products with excellent value for money!
If you want to cooperate with NewFeel lighting, please contact us!
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