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How far can a laser light shine?

by Newfeel Ho on Dec 04, 2022

How far can the laser light illuminate?

In theory, the laser light can illuminate infinitely far away, but the problem of our time and time, when we generally look at the irradiation of the laser light, is actually from an oblique angle. of.
This question needs to be determined according to the power of the laser light. The general 10-watt laser light of the laser light can illuminate the range of 5 kilometers, 20 watts can illuminate the range of 8 kilometers, and 30 watts can illuminate the range of 10 kilometers. 60 watts can illuminate a range of 50 kilometers. This is a line. Of course, it depends on the brightness of the environment. The brightness of the environment is different. Angle, where is the angle you are looking at, then the situation of his photos is also different, so this is different, different points have different needs, um, different brightness, different weather conditions, non-stop outdoor environment, It all determines the intensity of the laser light, and the intensity of the laser light also determines whether you are a laser of a line, a laser of a surface, or a laser of dotted fireflies, so different lasers are different.
The power of the laser light is high, the light is far, the power of the laser light is small, and the light is close, but the laser pointer also shines very far, it depends on what angle you are shooting at, the angle is different, the surrounding environment Different, according to different, so this should be based on the actual situation to make the actual forecast.
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How far can a 1W laser light shoot?

Probably a private room. Depending on the environment of your site, you should generally have a private room or a small bar, which is about 10 meters to 20 meters.
laser light far shine

How far does the 2W laser light shine?

This can be divided into 3 different situations. The first is to see the pattern hitting the surface of the object. This can reach 30-50 meters. 30 meters, 3. Looking at a straight line outdoors, it can reach about 2 kilometers.
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How far can a professional outdoor laser light shine?

How far the outdoor laser light can shine depends on the output power of the laser light and the weather conditions. The laser beam can still be seen from miles away, which is why we need to be careful not to interfere with the flight of the aircraft when performing outdoor performances. If you have a powerful enough professional outdoor laser light system, the beam can be projected to the moon.
The NewFeel development department has customized a laser beam expander, which can achieve a beam expansion effect of 7-15 times, so that our laser lights can be seen from dozens of kilometers away. The beam divergence can be adjusted to 0.02 mrad over the full angle.
This means that the diameter of the laser beam only increases by 2 cm per kilometer, which allows even moderate-power outdoor lasers to fire over long distances. However, in 2018 we have achieved laser coverage of 5 km, 8 km and 11 km in Italy.
A 20-square-meter concert hall needs several stage laser lights. A 20-square-meter concert hall needs about 4 sets of laser lights with more than two watts. The effect is the best. Two watts can also be used. It depends on your specific requirements and specific budget. The current price is not expensive, you can directly contact the business of Eurasia Laser, see your specific needs and specific budget, and make reasonable suggestions for you according to the form and actual situation.
In fact, NewFeel Laser has a 6-watt laser light that is more cost-effective. What is the difference between the 5-watt and 6-watt laser light? The key green light The 5-watt laser uses a 1-watt green light, and the 6-watt laser uses a With a two-watt green laser, everyone knows that the visual brightness of green light is the most conspicuous and most important, so the visual brightness of a 6-watt laser is more than double that of a 5-watt laser.
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What else does NewFeel laser do besides being cheap?

First of all, let’s talk about the most important laser. The laser adopts Nichia’s die, an integrated laser structure, and a laser controlled by constant temperature, which ensures the output power and the heat dissipation temperature of the light. , to ensure that the life of the laser is guaranteed, that is, to achieve real power and real brightness.
The other is the design of the chassis. Everyone knows that the power dissipation of high-power laser lamps is very important. If the heat dissipation is not done properly, the laser will soon be broken or faded, so the NewFeel laser uses 5.0 photoelectric Separation technology, the optical path part is completely sealed, and the circuit part is good, which not only ensures the sealing of the optical path, but also ensures the heat dissipation of the circuit part, so it is currently a relatively advanced and carefully made product in the industry, with high quality The low price has also brought a large number of customers to NewFeel, so this product is also a very large-scale product of NewFeel, so we all know that its production volume is mass-produced, so the character is the most stable, The performance is the most stable, and the performance quality is the most stable.
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