How Long Is The Stone Mountain Laser Show

How Long Is The Stone Mountain Laser Show

by Newfeel Ho on Dec 23, 2022

Laser Show

Stone Mountain has a Laser Show which runs in the summertime. Established in 1983, it's the world's longest-running laser show.
The show is held on the Memorial Lawn and features laser effects and fireworks accompanied by music.
Mountain Laser Show
The show is free and is very popular. It takes place at sunset and lasts about 45 minutes.Typical schedules include nightly shows in June and July plus weekends in May, August, September, and October. Refreshments are available.
The laser show is projected onto the huge north face of the mountain. It's over four times the size of an IMAX screen. That's bigger than a five thousand inch TV.
SPECTACULAR STONE MOUNTAIN LASER SHOW: TIPS & TRICKS AND BEHIND-THE-SCENES INFO The Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision at Stone Mountain Park is an Atlanta must! Seeing the Lasershow Spectacular projected on Stone Mountain is a Georgia summer tradition that you don’t want to miss.
We’ve been able to experience the Stone Mountain Park Lasershow Spectacular several times, and each visit is just as exciting as before. In addition to seeing the show, we were also able to get a behind-the-scenes look into what goes into make the show happen. We’ve got all the fun details about this awesome show, and we’ve got tips and tricks that will make your experience an awesome one.
Ready to get started? Here’s everything you need to know about the Stone Mountain Laser Show!
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Each year the Stone Mountain Lasershow Spectacular improves on itself. Work begins almost 18 months ahead of time. The show is programmed by hand, beginning with hand drawn animation cells. The final product is run by the computers in the bunker. There are more than 26,000 frames within the 45 minute show.
The event is so spectacular, the FAA must be consulted to ensure airplanes don’t become blinded by lasers. In 2016 a new segment called Drone Wars: The Mountain Awakes debuted. It featured two-dozen drones, and told the story of a galaxy far, far away. So the laser bunker actually IS something out of Star Wars.

A guide to Stone Mountain Park’s Laser show Spectacular

In 2017, the drones got reinforcements, syncing to the music. In addition, flame cannons add some heat to the show, sending flames nearly one-hundred feet into the air. If you sit at the top of the hill, you can feel the warm air from the cannons!
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The Laser Bunker. Sounds like something out of Star Wars, but it’s actually a real place located in Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park. The droids are computers used to help choreograph the Stone Mountain laser show, the longest running laser light show in the world.
When the Stone Mountain Lasershow Spectacular first started in 1983, a section of the bunker raised out of the ground each night. The bunker itself contained huge reel-to-reel computers. As the show has grown, the technology to create it has shrunk.
Organizers introduced Mountainvision in 2011, which features 3D like effects without the 3D glasses. Mountainvision is used to make the rock appear to crumble before your eyes, among other fun effects. The projection is four to five times the size of an IMAX screen and taller than the Statue of Liberty. It’s like watching a 5,500 inch high definition TV!


WHEN CAN YOU SEE THE STONE MOUNTAIN LASER SHOW SPECTACULAR? The Lasershow Spectacular runs from May through September — starting on the Memorial Day 3 day weekend. They also offer amazing themed laser shows during their Pumpkin Festival in the fall and their Stone Mountain Christmas event during the holidays.
The July 4th holiday is THE busiest day of the year at Stone Mountain Park — and the laser show and special July 4th fireworks are the main draw! They also feature their July 4th laser show and fireworks on July 2 and 3 to try to spread out the crowds, but July 4th is still the most popular. If you plan on attending that day, make sure to get your laser show tickets in advance.


To see the Lasershow Spectacular on the Memorial Lawn requires special lasershow tickets. Tickets are $5/person on regular days, and $10/person for holiday shows (like July 4th). The laser shows they have during the Pumpkin Festival and Stone Mountain Christmas events are included in your special event ticket price.
If you’re a Mountain Member, your laser show tickets are free with a reservation. (Not counting July 2-4).
Buying your tickets and making your reservation online ahead of time is recommended, although they will sell tickets the day-of, based on availability. The laser show operates rain or shine, and the tickets are non-refundable. However, you can call to change the date of your tickets if your plans change.
You will also need a parking pass to enter Stone Mountain Park. Parking passes are $20, or $40 for an annual pass.


The most popular thing to do before the Lasershow Spectacular is to enjoy a picnic on the Memorial Lawn. Bring your blanket, food, snacks and drinks and make a day of it.
You can bring your own food and drinks into the park to enjoy — which is a great way to save money.
Note that glass containers, grills, and alcohol is not allowed on the Memorial Lawn.


The laser show doesn’t start until it gets dark, and sometimes that’s as late as 9:30pm — which can be a little late for the little ones in your group. A great solution would be to stay at one of the great overnight options at Stone Mountain Park.
Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort is a great place to stay, with heated indoor and outdoor pools year-round. The Inn at Stone Mountain Park is another great choice that features a family-friendly pool and great guest rooms.
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3D Effect [Stereoscopic Image]

If you really want to be immersed in nature, consider a stay at the Stone Mountain Park campground. Here you’ll find tent and RV campsites, as well as yurts, safari tents, and RV rentals.
Stay Here: Atlanta Evergreen Lakeside Resort | The Inn at Stone Mountain Park


Reserved seating for the laser show and Stone Mountain fireworks is available on several VIP Terraces. Terrace seating is great if you don’t want to lug chairs or a blanket onto the lawn.
Stone Mountain Park sets up chairs for you, and snacks are included. Enjoy popcorn, and an ice-cold coke. You can even add ice cream and a glow necklace to the package. (The glow sticks are part of a participation segment in the show.)
Note: No word yet on if this will be offered in 2023.