What is Prism Magic Laser Show?

What is Prism Magic Laser Show?

by Newfeel Ho on Jan 03, 2023

Laser Show

I recently discovered some programs that use laser shows to develop creative thinking for children, Prismatic Magic Laser Programs is a pioneer in educational and entertaining school assemblies and library programs.
The mission is to inspire children to learn in new ways and use fun to stimulate children's desire to learn. Performing in thousands of schools for two decades, they are experts in showcasing laser light components to create memorable and fun learning environments.
Their laser shows all feature pop music and stunning laser animations to inspire and inspire every student, making it a foolproof school assembly idea. Your child will keep singing and cheering all while wanting to learn more!
Prism Magic Laser Show
Want to focus on having fun? Laser animations set to age-appropriate pops will dazzle your students. We combine the coolest visual arts with vibrant music that has the whole school singing, clapping and cheering.
Sample program for FOCUS ON FUN:
Winter vacation
Laser Mania
Prism Magic Laser Show


Looking to add learning to the fun? Style meets course standards! We make every class exciting with hypnotic laser visuals. Explore education with your students using visual art, music, and group participation.
Examples of programs that make learning memorable:
Bullying prevention
Black History

American Pride Laser School Assembly Program

Bring history to life with this awesome musical laser that pays homage to the American spirit of innovation, exploration, discovery and determination!
Step back in time on a tour of our nation's most important people, places and events as our professional laser education brings you a 40-minute extravaganza of light and music. This amazing show features vibrant laser animations set to lively music. With classics and the best choral pop hits, this rally showcases America's indomitable spirit.
Viewers meet genius inventors, patriotic pioneers, and other important figures from long ago as our lasers use cutting-edge technology to illuminate incredible images across the room. All of these incredible people helped create the great experiment we call the United States of America.
Enroll your elementary or middle school students in this social studies assembly program and make learning fun while giving them a history lesson like no other!
Prism Magic Laser Show

Learn more about this social research conference

Before the music begins, their laser teacher gives an interactive demonstration suitable for any age to share the science behind lasers and our perception of light. Once everyone is certified as a Junior Laser Specialist, they go on to tell American history in a very unique way that is sure to impress. In addition to seeing more familiar faces and stories around and overhead, you'll also learn about some of our nation's unsung heroes, such as laser inventor Theodore Maiman and Red Cross founder Clara Barton.
Is it Constitution Day (September 17th), Veterans Day (November 11th), Memorial Day (end of May), Flag Day (June 14th), Independence Day (July 4th) or National Day The perfect educational rally show any other time of year. There are always plenty of reasons to appreciate America and show a little American pride!
If you've been looking for an affordable alternative to costly, time-consuming field trips, why not let us provide you with a field trip? All we need is a big room and enthusiastic young people, and we take care of the rest, from build to teardown. All of our rally shows can be customized to suit your needs and preferences - just ask.
Prism Magic Laser Show
Celebrating American history and actively reminding us that liberty is earned through the dedication of each generation. They have an extraordinary will to succeed as a nation, and they never give up or stop trying to get better. That is the motherland they can all be proud of!
Prismatic Magic delivers laser show school assemblies and school programs to elementary and secondary schools across the country. We develop educational school assemblies, virtual shows, and focus on making education fun and entertaining. Our science fairs, anti-bullying talks and Black History Month programs show how we combine education with fun for amazing school events. Prismatic Magic serves schools in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Illinois. We are also touring the country.