Laser BlackCube

Laser BlackCube, the NEW FEEL smallest – and first –APP Control RGB laser projector

by Newfeel Ho on Aug 10, 2022

NEW FEEL BlackLaser newest gadget is one of the most fascinating and engaging toys we've played with in a long time. It's also very powerful, powerful enough to pop a balloon and display non-bright light at your house party or small bar, but also be aware that the laser light can't come into direct contact with your eyeballs, which could damage your retinas.
Starting at $245, the Laser BlackCube is essentially a highly portable, battery-powered RGB laser projector. Weighing 6.5 pounds (3kg) and measuring about 6 inches (15cm) on each side, it sits happily on a tripod head and uses high-speed mirrors to fire laser beams around in 33,000 colors.
Direct these laser beams to a point at full power and you have an 800 or 1,000 megawatt beam (depending on which version you have) capable of burning through wood. Or, you can use it to project stunning, hypnotic full-color patterns and animations onto walls, buildings, screens, or any other surface.
newfeel black lasercube
Laser BlackCube's companion software (currently for Android) comes preloaded with hundreds of animations, images, and sound visualizers that can go on forever with dancers, endless looping tunnels, or a brilliant array of styles of laser art. Point it to the side of a building from a considerable distance and your work area can be quite large - the beams are so powerful that they can travel at impressive distances.
What's more, many of the preset animations (and the effects you can apply to them) are designed to work in sync with the music, which is almost essential when enjoying the Laser BlackCube's extraordinary display. The animation dancer finds the beat and moves to it, the sound visualizer scans the frequency and amplitude of what is being played and creates motion art from it. Honestly, one of the hardest things about writing this review is that every time I open it, I get totally hooked and forget what I'm doing.
newfeel black lasercube
In fact, it's a nightclub-grade laser in a box that's small enough to carry around, it's very small, and you can control the shutdown with your phone's APP. You can even control it on your phone to DIY your favorite text or shape. Everyone I opened it fell in love instantly. It's absolutely magic, and the way this thing makes a dance of lights isn't comparable to a normal 1080p projector. not any. Add smoke so you can see the beams flying around and it's even wilder.
But once you do that, you have a 1,000 megawatt laser. To put it another way, if handheld laser pointers were 1 mW in power in many jurisdictions, that would be illegal because people use them to blind airplane pilots and cause all kinds of confusion. The Laser BlackCube is a Class 4 laser - the highest safety rating - which means it can instantly burn skin and eyeballs etc. The nominal eye hazard distance (the distance at which a 1,000 MW laser can damage your eyes in less than a quarter of a second) is 733 feet (224 meters) away. It's so bright for small parties.
newfeel black lasercube
After quite a bit of online research, I've determined that owning and using the Laser BlackCube in my jurisdiction is the best option for a small laser light. I can safely say that this Laser BlackCube is the most cost-effective stage light among small lasers, but I need to stress that you need to be careful about what you're using or how you're installing it - like 10 feet off the ground and tilted upwards.
If you want to push these things in a professional direction, you can connect as many LaserCubes as you want to a single control computer. You can create your own animations using software like MaxWell Synth, Modulaser or LaserShowXpress - it's compatible with all of them - and even try uploading an image and turning it into laser art... frankly every time we try it It sucks, for whatever reason. You can grab a smoke machine and be smart by making the laser harp strings float in the air, and you can use it as a MIDI controller to make music.
Or, if you're like us, you can simply play some sweet electronic music and scroll through preset animations like a drooling chimpanzee marveling at a fire dancer. It hit us on a level that I would describe as raw.
The Laser BlackCube is priced at $290 for the 1,000-mW version and $330 for the 1,000-mW+APP Control version. Honestly, I don't know which one we've been testing, it's not written anywhere on the device. You can pay extra for a carrying case, a small ball head tripod, batteries and a few other trinkets.
This thing is definitely a legendary toy to pull out at a party or anyone else around. If you can take the risk, grab one - we're totally hooked, as you can see from the video below.